Mobile Di-cuts

Our themed hospital grade vinyl coverings applied to the gantry or table of various pieces of equipment (CT, MRI, PET, Nuclear Medicine, R/F, DR, etc.) to create a unique design. Durable, washable and scrubbable, facilities can use normal medical cleaning products, with the exception of straight bleach.

Diamond Shield is included and is a secondary clear covering applied to specific areas that may be susceptible to more wear and tear.


Bear Facts Entertainment is known for its core expertise in developing high-performance interactive gaming applications and focuses on education wrapped in entertainment. Our industry-leading innovative gaming solutions are secure, flexible and scalable. 


We deliver a full spectrum of game development services to clients ranging from small businesses to fortune 500 enterprises.  We have experience with all of the leading software technologies to build game-based solutions focused on entertaining young patients and visitors.

Interactive Games


Ceiling Skylights

Create a more relaxing, comforting atmosphere for patients and their families. The long lasting and durable LED panels can be arranged in an array of shapes to transform ceilings and walls to works of art.  Our LED skylights are MRI compatible and can be installed in ceilings and on walls to enhance the patient experience with elegance and beauty.

Shapes available in square, rectangle and rounds, with sizes ranging from 2’x2’ to a full suite.


Bear Facts Entertainment's aroma and sound system helps improve a patient’s well-being by  instilling a sense of calmness and tranquility throughout the air. With an array of fragrances and music to choose from, transforming an imaging suite or waiting room is easier  than ever before.

Aroma and Sound





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